JABOTICABA - Those who once tasted its fruits consider it the most delicious fruit in the world. Most Jaboticab species grow in the lowland tropical rainforests of Brazil. It is interesting that its excellent fruits (similar in shape to large grape balls) in most species grow in large numbers directly from the trunk of the tree. Unfortunately, these fruits start to ferment already within 3 days of being picked, which is why they never reach the world fruit markets and so we cannot taste them from the shops ... That is why it is almost unknown to us in Europe. However, we can also grow jaboticaba in our country, as well as citrus in a pot, where they can be outside from spring to autumn, for example on a terrace or balcony, and in winter they are transferred home to a window or to a heated greenhouse, where they survive our winter at temperatures. around 10 -20 C.